• The course is conducted within our company and is taught to a maximum of 03 (three) students.

  • Each learner is treated exclusively, creating different learning conditions, because the difficulties are different for each person.

  • We have benches with disposable pieces so that the student can learn the technique and apply later in real work situations.

  • In addition to learning, the student receives a handout/handbook, a completion certificate and an exclusive toolkit.

  • All ex-trainees in the improvement phase have remote assistance. For example: If you encounter any difficulties, you can request help via email or phone. You can also ask for help if you need to re-learn some tool, or even get suggestion of where to buy replacement materials, such as the “american kit” glue.

  • We offer a non-payed internship in one of our units for those who participate in the training for the same period of the course, which can be done soon or later after the course, by prior appointment.

  • All the professionals trained by our team participate in a Forum where they receive constant technical updates, work opportunities in Brazil and abroad, in addition to being able to contact each other, since all the contacts are available.

  • We are the only ones who offer “recycling”, free of charge in the case of apprentices of ours who for some reason did the training and did not exercise until the moment, took time to put into practice or had some greater difficulty. (Recycling for professionals NOT trained by us pay the value of an integral training, since we often have to “install” new concepts and techniques)

  • The professionals of “Funilaria artesanal” find in this profession the satisfaction of having a rewarding profession, as much in the financial results as in the personal results, since it provides independence of time (in the case of opting for attendant attendance), of financial independence because the profitability is evident , Since the expenses with materials are minimal and the tools are practically lifelong (there are the exceptions of: glue guns, thermal blowers, lamps that require replacement with a certain time).


The PDR technique offers as advantages:

  • Economy: The Golden Hammer service is much more economical than the traditional hopper.
  • Quality: The originality of the vehicle is preserved.
  • Rapidity: The service is performed much faster than in the traditional shop and does not require material expenses.
  • Ecological work: This type of work does not rule out substances that are harmful to nature, does not use solvents, paints, varnishes and the consumption of electricity is minimal.
  • Legality: It is very simple to be a “legally constituted” professional, as you can choose to open an “Individual Firm”, collecting the minimum in taxes (contact a accountant), and can collect the contribution with the INSS, so our professionals are advised to work “legally” and have security for the future.

Contact / Scheduling

  • Schedule: It is necessary to make the reservation two weeks in advance, by e-mail, or to schedule courses and/or information about courses at
    WhatsApp: +55 48 99962 0322 or e-mail –